I Ordered a New Mac

Even though I have been ranting about Apple products in one of my previous posts, I am still a big fan of their products. I happened to have some bad luck… so what! And now that my four-year-old PC has started to give up on me lately, I’ve decided that it’s time to replace it with the best possible I can get.

So yesterday morning I left the house. First, I had to run by my dad’s house to take care of his mail, as he’s spending the cold winter times in BsAs Argentina. Once I was done, I drove to MacMe, our local Apple store. Oh boy, I was just as excited like a little boy getting a brand new toy! Since I had to wait another 15 minutes before they opened up, I headed to a coffee shop nearby called Kaldi, for a double shot espresso and some cake (and yes, I’ll work out extra hard to get rid of those dang calories). Nearly half an hour later I finished my coffee, my cake and reading the paper, and walked back to MacMe.

27 inch iMac Core i7
27 inch iMac Core i7

With a budget of €2,000 in mind, it didn’t take me long to decide what to get. I already mentioned it, only the best would qualify, and 10 minutes later I was ready ordering a 27 inch iMac Core i7, which is tested and crowned as the fasted stock Mac model ever. I well exceeded my budget with €400, because I added Apple’s Care Plan for 3 years (no surprises this time), as well as some additional software, but alas…

Unfortunately, I have to wait for another two to four weeks before my baby arrives, and I can finally say farewell to PCs for good. My new Mac will surely benefit my efficiency while I’m working.

What’s the iMac Core i7 all about? Good question, I even called MacMe this morning to find out myself, as I had no clue what I bought for my hard earned €2,400 (approx $3,200).  First, of, it’s a Quad Core processor featuring a new technology called Turbo Boost. Secondly, the i7 Core features a technology called Hyper-Threading. Technically it’s really a complicated thing, but in a few words it comes down to this: it’s lightning fast and can handle tons of apps at the same time!

When it arrives, I will create a dream set-up that includes my iiyama ProLite E2607WS (26-inch screen), the iMac 27 inch, and hopefully soon the Herman Miller Aeron chair which I hope to win in Poker Affiliate Listings’ NCAA Bracket Contest. I know the competition is fierce, but with a little help from Terry I know I have a more than decent shot to win!

The count down has started…

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