Vision Board

Here’s a picture of my vision board. For those who don’t know, a vision board is a collage of ideas and goals you have set out for yourself to accomplish in the near future. I got inspired quite some time ago after reading a post about vision boards on Justin Goff’s blog.

As I am a very materialistic guy (I really can care less about the environment, I just want to ride the biggest car possible), you see all kind of grownup toys that I am determined to buy in 2010. Just have a look at the BMW GT5, isn’t she adorable? My goal is to make at least $15,000 net profit halfway through May, owning a vacation home on Mallorca is definitely a dream, and I want to be traveling up and forth to New York for shopping, eating out and making life less boring.

Vision Board

OK, to be honest, I don’t like the idea of owning an Infinity FX anymore. I would rather own an Audi Q7, or at least an Audi Q5. Rest me to update my vision board and making things happen!

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  1. Hey Giorgio,

    I didn’t know you started a blog till I saw the link in your skype status. Good stuff! I also like the idea of the vision board. I gotta build one of these soon. You have some good goals on there and should be there in no time!

    I added a link for you on my blog also πŸ˜‰



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