My Traffic is Back

Google is one big mystery, this is something that all Internet marketers and search engine experts know. I don’t consider myself to be an SEO expert, nonetheless, I do know the most important things to make sites rank pretty well. But sometimes, I remain clueless about what’s going on with my rankings.

Take one of my mini sites, Online Casino Roulette [sold], as an example. As I stated in one of my previous posts, I am not actively working on casino related sites anymore, however, I make sure to check all of my sites’ statistics every morning. So this site is not a highly trafficked site, but it had a nice and steady average of 7 unique visitors per day. Then last week it happened… I could already see a downfall, but when my site hit rock bottom, I started to worry about what Google had against it.

Google Analytics for Online Casino Roulette
Online Casino Roulette Visits

At first, I thought of some sort of penalty, but that was not the case as my site was still fully indexed. I performed several tests, amongst them checking the site’s current rankings with’s Rank Checker, and discovered that I was no longer ranking in the top 20 SERPs for my most prominent keywords.

But as mysterious my rankings disappeared, today they reappeared. After analyzing my positions, I can say with confidence that everything is back to normal. Once again, I remain clueless.

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  1. Great, it all reads as a fresh novel. Every day a new chapter: will be continued.
    My sincerest good wishes.

  2. Hi Kevin. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I still have to get used to it myself and have to learn how to write captivating content.

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